Benishek comments on changes at veterans hospital

WASHINGTON D.C. — The clinical service changes to the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center took effect at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning.

Just last week, veterans in the Iron Mountain area who depend on the VA for medical treatment protested against the changes. Congressman Dan Benishek says that he understands what the hospital is doing in re–designating some of its services.

Benishek added that if any veteran has questions about their care, they should contact his office in Washington.

“I definitely want our patients to get timely, appropriate care,” said Benishek. “If it happens outside of the VA, I’m happy to have it done in Dickinson or Marquette, wherever is appropriate for the patient. I understand the VA’s need to provide more efficient care and allow the best care for the patients that they have.”

The Iron Mountain VA turned the Emergency Department into an Urgent Care Center and re–purposed its ICU beds for other uses within the facility.