Education reform act moves from Congress to Senate

MARQUETTE — After it was passed by congress and skipped over by the senate once, the Student Success Act is heading to the senate once again.

The goal of the education act is to put more power into the hands of the states and the communities when it comes to decisions about curriculum. The bill should allow more parental choice. The Student Success Act should allow students to be trained in skills that they want to learn. Congressman Dan Benishek says that this bill would eliminate the one–size–fits–all mentality and laws that are currently in place.

“You know one of the complaints that we’ve had,” the congressman added, “from students and from parents and from teachers is that federal education policy has limited the curriculum. This will allow school districts and states to have a lot more input as to how their curriculum is run.”

If it’s passed, the law will also allow teachers more freedom when planning their lessons which should give students a better rounded and more relevant education. The bill still needs to be passed in the Senate before making its way to the Presidents desk.