NEGAUNEE — Festivities continue in Negaunee in celebration of pioneer days. Move over Miss America, because here comes Miss Pioneer Princess.

Look at the grace, the poise, the personality. These girls have practiced and rehearsed for one big night–The 2015 Pioneer Princess Pageant.

The 12 young contestants compete for the title of 2015 Pioneer Princess, 2015 Pioneer Princess Runners Up and Miss Personality.

The young girls had to perform a dance, answer a question and walk a formal walk for the judges. But in case any of them were nervous, last year’s Pioneer Princess was there for support.

2014 Pioneer princess Madeline Leece says, “When we do our dances, I get to stand up front so if they forget what they’re supposed to do they can just watch me.”

This pageant is all about dress, walks and stage presence, though. It actually means a lot more for the girls and women involved.

The Assistant director of the Pioneer Princess Pageant, Eliisa Gladwell says, “This was actually my first year doing a pageant, too. I was in the Miss Upper Peninsula Pageant, I took First Runner Up, and that’s what really opened my eyes was actually getting involved and seeing all the support you get, and meeting all these new people who are fantastic, and it really gives you a confidence booster when you’re up on that stage, and knowing that these people are here to cheer you on. It really lets you become yourself.”

This year’s pageant was superhero themed, another detail the pageant used to inspire confidence in girls. This year’s 10–year–old Pioneer Princess aspires to be an Olympic gymnast and kept her goal in mind when asked what her super power would be if she got to choose.

“I chose super flexibility,” the 2015 Pioneer Princess, Abigail Rexford says, “because I want to be in the Olympics and I’m a huge fan of gymnastics.”

There are still more events to come for Pioneer Days in Negaunee, stick with us to stay up–to–date.

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