Finlandia renovates state-of-the-art facility

HANCOCK — Renovations to the athletic center at Finlandia University are complete.

When the students at Finlandia University return in the fall, they will be coming back to a fully renovated state-of-the-art Paavo Nurmi Center.

One million dollars was invested to turn the old swimming pool, bowling alley, and weight room, into a new strength and fitness center, athletic training room, and public and varsity locker rooms complete with saunas.

The new facility should help student-athletes reach their full potential.

“This is an invaluable resource to help them in their development as a student and an athlete here at Finlandia,” said Finlandia University Athletic Director Chris Salani. “Obviously, at the collegiate level, we need to have the resource available to make and help assist our students become bigger, faster, stronger.”

Finlandia continues to expand and improve their athletic department and with their football program starting this fall…the new space will definitely help.

“A space this size, this footprint, obviously accommodates that program as well as future programs that we will be adding in the near,” said Salani.

The new Paavo Nurmi Center is certainly something Finlandia University is proud of. “There isn’t a facility like this in the U.P. on a college campus that supports both the athletic and community activities that we’re trying to resource at this time,” said Salani.

Daily passes and annual memberships are available, and though the center is open to the public now, a grand opening with expanded programs will be held in the fall.