Timeless band playing timeless hits – GLC Band

NEGAUNEE — Every Thursday in June, we’ve been highlighting a band that rocks the U.P. This Thursday concluding these featured bands with an inside look at the GLC Band. \

After beginning over twenty years ago, the GLC Band has been back on the rise once again. They’re known for playing timeless hits from the 60’s and 70’s that are easy to enjoy or have conversation to. All three members of the group have a deep rooted appreciation for good and technically sound music and each other.

“Kurt moved here several hears ago, twenty or so years ago they moved into the area and just happened to move across the street from where I lived,” said rhythm guitarist Ken Lenten

“I heard him playing a banjo so I kind of ran the other way. But then he picked up a guitar and he actually knew all the right keys to play the songs in,” said Kurt Gronvill. “He didn’t buy a fake book and everything was in C,F,G. So I couldn’t believe that and his voice is phenomenal, so he and I just started playing together. I bet the first day we played together we probably already knew fifty songs.”

That large amount of initial progress pushed even further with time. Shortly after, Kim and Kurt played for an open mic at a bar in Negaunee owned at the time by Paul Collins.
Due to careers and allocating time for their respective families, the band temporarily dissolved for a period of time. They’ve been playing regularly for awhile now and are better than ever.

While playing unique arrangements of songs by Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce and many more, it is critical to have a close bond with your band mates to make it sound as beautiful as the GLC band does.

“We’re friends for one thing and we respect each other’s talents,” said Paul Collins. “I feel like the luckiest guy in the world sitting between these two guys. Where else would I find this kind of talent to sit in and make music with?”

Music appreciators can go to Jackson’s Pit every Friday night to hear the heart melting harmonies and talented guitar licks from one of the most impressive trios in the Upper Peninsula.

The GLC band is a group you need to hear to believe.

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