HOUGHTON — Two cases against a Calumet man who allegedly stole a car when he skipped out on bond are headed to Circuit Court.

36-year-old Isaac Laplander appeared for a preliminary hearing in 97th District Court. The Calumet man is facing several charges on two cases including safebreaking — a felony punishable by life in prison — two counts of Breaking and Entering with intent, which are 10-year felonies, and Unlawful Driving Away of a Motor Vehicle which is a five-year felony.

The saga began in late April when Laplander was accused of breaking into an auto parts store in Calumet. Police say while out on bond, Laplander stole a sports car from a car dealership in Calumet and fled to Wisconsin where he is a suspect in another break-in and allegedly stole another car. Laplander was arrested in Marquette on May 23rd.

A hearing on his probation violation will be held in 30 days and a contempt of court charge was dismissed. Both felony cases were bound over to Houghton County Circuit Court.