MARQUETTE — A rise in tuition was decided for NMU students at today’s Board of Trustees meeting.

A vote of seven to one decided the increase for this years fall tuition. Undergraduate students will see an increase of three point two percent while graduate students will se a rise of seven point five percent. The university is struggling with enrollment issues, hoping to get back to where they were six years ago.

“People often ask me that questions and I say 10,000 is our number. We are at 8,700 right now.” said NMU President Fritz Erickson. Our goal this year was to remain flat, to stop the decline and then really be ready to start the process of growing.”

Northern Michigan University has the second lowest tuition in the state. And this increase actually keeps them in that same ranking. Erickson says along with this tuition increase they are also working to increase enrollment numbers and will be trying some fresh and unique ideas.

“Entirely new self–directed marketing to students in the kind of way this generation of students recognizes, through social media and through other forms of connecting with students,” continued Erickson.

The university also plans to expand it’s international programs.