IRON RIVER — Even though the Michigan State Police post in Iron River shut its doors about three years ago, the officers are still trying to reach out to the community through informal, personal meetings.

Earlier today at the Iron River City Hall, Michigan State Police hosted the first public meeting where members of the community could come out and talk with a local cop. The meeting was meant to be informal and hold no agenda–similar to coffee with a cop.

First Lieutenant Christine Grabowski said, “These meetings are just to stop by and discuss with state police or any other police agency that happens to be here, what is bothering you, what agendas you may have or just to stop and say hello.”

Today people discussed different things with the First Lieutenant, like concerns about traffic problems and drug related issues. They hope to move the meetings to a more public and informal place in the future. These pubic meetings will be held every Thursday morning from nine to eleven in the basement of Iron River City Hall. If people are interested in an alternate time, there will also be meetings every Thursday afternoon from one to three in the council room of the Crystal Falls City Hall.