New social app launched by MTU alumni

HOUGHTON — A new social app developed by Michigan Tech graduates can help you gather all the local information you need.

Social media sites make it possible to keep in touch with people throughout the world, but one new app focuses on people and events happening right in your area. It’s called ‘Gather’ and it was developed by Michigan Tech alumni Jacob Northey and Craig Otis.

“Most social media apps are ‘social-first’, so they’re about people you know. Whereas, ‘Gather’ is ‘location-first’,” said ‘Gather’ App Co-Designer Jacob Northey. “So, what that means is that you’re learning about information in your own area that you might not have access to through your own social network.”

Gather was designed for use on your Smartphone and it is being tested locally first.

“We are planning on rolling out in larger areas after our beta completes but, for now, this is kind of the perfect area for us to anticipate some needs and get people’s feedback and reactions and kind of grow it organically,” said ‘Gather’ App Co-Designer Craig Otis.

The beta version of the app is being introduced to members of Keweenaw Young Professionals, a group which meet monthly for social events and connecting opportunities.

“We feel like this app is a prime opportunity to encourage young entrepreneurs, but also have a method for young professionals to connect and engage with each other in a way that, maybe, they haven’t done before,” said Keweenaw Young Professionals Steering Committee Member Sheena Kauppila.

The beta version of ‘Gather’ is available to download now from the App Store.