Beach side resort newly renovated and open

MARQUETTE — The central UP is a place for locals and tourists looking to get away and find a home–away–from–home.

Right along the coast sits the newly renovated Sea Coasts Sand River Resort. According to the owner and operator renovations began in December of 2013. The property is open and is located no more than a days drive from any sights in the UP. Guests could even take a short walk across the street to a beach that the owner says is gorgeous and says is rarely crowded.

Owner and Operator Teresa Bosch says, “We’re right across the street from about four miles of walkable, sand beach that’s owned by the DNR. There are no houses across the street on the beach until you get down a little bit further.”

The resort offers discounts to residents of the upper and lower peninsulas and families of college students who want to take a trip here, even during the winter semester. Unlike in past years the resort is now open during the winter and plans to offer ski passes with a reservation. The renovations include brand new beds–the owner said every bed has been replaced, new siding and new roofs. There are only minor projects left to complete.

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