Sharing hope through Relay for Life

HOUGHTON — Relay for Life kicks off this weekend and one volunteer shares her story to support others. On a normal day a few years ago, you could see Houghton resident Mary Zanoni water–skiing, camping, or cross country skiing. But when the doctor diagnosed her with Leukemia her life was changed.

She said, “It came on quick and I was down for the count and I was in the emergency vehicle going to Marquette for chemo and so life changed in a minute.”

She said after that her and her husband couldn’t do a lot of things they wanted to, like gardening and eating raw vegetables because they had to be so careful. Now after chemo treatments and a stem cell transplant, she is working on being active, volunteers for relay for life and tries to help others.

Mary added, “I want to help other survivors and I want to share the attitude of hope that we get from relay.”

Different Relay’s will be going on throughout the UP this summer. There are two happening this weekend. For information on the Houghton County Relay for Life click here. For information on the Marquette County Relay for Life click here.