MARQUETTE — Outdoor enthusiasts are gearing up to hit the trails for a big event in Marquette County this weekend.

The second annual Iron Range Roll will be rolling across the Iron Ore Heritage Trail Saturday. The 16–mile multi–recreational race is designed to be a signature event for 40 Below Young Professionals of Marquette County.

“You can bike it, you can run it, you can put together a relay team to do it,” said 40 Below Young Professionals board member Dave Nyberg. “It’s a great way to get out and enjoy one of the wonderful assets that we have here in Marquette County. It really goes through some terrific scenery in Marquette County that people may not have seen before, and we get a lot of positive feedback about how beautiful the trail is.”

Funds raised by the race will benefit the YMCA’s Reach and Rise youth mentoring program, which was created to help teach youth how to handle both their emotions and interpersonal relationships.

“This really carries us through the year to be able to plan things in the community, and to bring them out into the community and let them know, you know, you’re important to this community and the community needs you,” said Melissa Demarse, leader of the Reach and Rise program.

Other groups will benefit from the race as well. For example, event sponsor Honor Credit Union donated eight registrations to Start the Cycle, an organization that introduces at–risk youth to mountain biking.

The race starts at the Cliffs Shaft Museum in Ishpeming and ends at the Marquette Commons. You can still register to take part in the race, but only until 11:59 tomorrow night. Click here for to register or find out more information.