Ending the school year with a bounce

MARQUETTE — Father Marquette elementary school got blessed with one today as they held their long time tradition of celebrating with students for their end of the year wrap up.

Students got what some would call a four hour recess today celebrating the end of a successful school year. It was a kick–your–shoes off, kind of year end celebration, with lines of fun and sliding upside down giggles of enjoyment. The newly inducted principal says it’s been a great year and this celebration is one everyone has been looking forward to.

“I am really proud of the work they have done, they are always proud to see me when I come into the classrooms and they have been working very hard. The students at Father Marquette are just good people, they are excited to learn, they are excited to have fun. As I look back on my first year, the kids have made all of this worth it, they are amazing,” said Principal Michael Hedges, Father Marquette School.

Bouncy houses, football games, soccer and every other activity these kids could think of got played today. The excitement from the kids was non stop but being a principal, Hedges couldn’t stop himself from giving out assignments to the kids.

“Today our assignment is to basically have fun, today is an end of the year celebration,” said 6th grader, Beau Belkowski.

6th grader, Margaret Boburka had this to say “We’ve been bouncing on the bouncy houses, running around, playing football, soccer on the playground and stuff like that,” said….

“My assignment for today was to play around, hang out and have fun,” added 6th grader Kateri Darr.

Samantha Richard added in, “Well our assignment for today was to hang out and have fun and well, I am pretty sure I passed,” said

“I passed because I am having a lot of fun out here, it is awesome,” continued Belkowski.

Students even challenged themselves in activities they weren’t all that familiar with. While other passed with flying colors getting an “A” for effort and an A++ for cuteness.