AMASA — Besides Tom Izzo, another part of the U.P. is on hand in Indianapolis.

Connor Sports Flooring has made the floor for the NCAA’s biggest games for the last ten years. Every piece of the floor is produced at the mill.

Once it’s done, more than two hundred and fifty pieces of wood make their way to the site of the Final Four. Connor Sports Flooring has all one hundred and twenty five of its employees involved in creating college basketball’s biggest stage.

“Just about every piece I’ve had my hands on,” said Flooring Mill Manager Randy Hansen. “People here touch every piece of that floor. When I turn (the game) on and the lights hit the floor, the shine is remarkable. It is a huge, huge pride thing for us here in Amasa. Our crew gets ecstatic and pumped up every time that we do March Madness.”

Hansen said that people from Connor Sports Flooring are on hand in Indianapolis to help with the installation and removal of the floor. The mill also produced the floor for the Women’s Final Four that takes place later this month in Tampa Bay.