‘Cat Packs’ to give healthy foods to kids

MARQUETTE — An idea that was once a dream has quickly become a reality for a group of NMU students.

‘Cat Packs’ puts together bags full of healthy and delicious food for kids at North Star Academy. Cat Packs is partnering with the Salvation Army of Marquette to put the bags together.

The Salvation Army says that they are more than happy to partner with Cat Packs to give back even more to the community.

“This runs parallel to what we’re already doing, so it was such a natural fit that we would form a partnership with the NMU Wildcats,” said Capt. Moore with the Salvation Army. “Taking care of our community, taking care of our neighbors and showing kindness to other people… I don’t think that they actually get a grade for that, but it’s fantastic that they’re doing it.”

“To finally be at this point where we can say hey come out and help us you can really make a difference in these student’s lives is something great for students to have that opportunity to help others,” said Lindsey Lieck, a Cat Pack Volunteer.

“Our goal is to work towards ending the hunger in the schools, so the schools are able to provide the breakfast and lunch. But when these students go home at night, they may not be getting a meal. Our main goal is to make sure that these kids are getting sufficient food, healthy food… they shouldn’t have to worry about being hungry,” added Lieck.

Cat Packs plans on getting more student organizations at NMU involved as they continue to grow.