Bizarre foods take over NMU lunch menu

MARQUETTE — Students at NMU were offered a different lunch menu today.

The lunch menu featured ‘Bizarre Food’ dishes at the Wildcat Den. Students were served up items such as Jamaican Goat Curry with rice, Calamari, and Elk Meatballs.

“They like the idea of trying new things, they are pretty adventurous eaters. On the menu we have things like Tuna Nigiri, Calamari, we are grilling some local beef hearts with a vinaigrette on top. We are doing Kangaroo Sausage wrapped in puff pastries, calling them Kangies in Blankies. They are going to have some venison Swedish style meatball. So a good variety of things.”

According to Chef Mileski, the students love the bizarre food dishes that are served up to them and the staff loves coming up with these unique dishes.

“This is a great opportunity for our staff to be adventurous as well as the students. We get together and talk about menu items and things we would like to try to cook, to learn how to cook. It’s educational from the student’s perspective as well as from our perspective as the staff.”

The most popular item on the menu today seemed to be the Alligator Sausage.