M.A.P.S. on cusp of losing funding

Marquette Area Public Schools, M.A.P.S., is on the cusp of losing funds due to a lack of attendance. For each day school enrollment drops below 75 percent money is lost. The last meeting for the Marquette area public schools was this evening. An important item on the agenda was attendance.

School Superintendent explains it this way, “We have to have 75% attendance to get credit for the school day, otherwise we lose our state funding for that day, so we are right on the cusp. So as we approach the breaks, Christmas break, spring break, it’s really important that families understand that it is important to be in school on those days.”

If there is a big enough deficit due to attendance the board will look at prolonging the school year to make up for those days. Last year the County lost a total of $8,500 dollars.