NMU was recently approved by the Michigan Department of Corrections to hold a regional corrections officer academy.

It’s an eight-week academy that goes over the basics of what students will encounter on the job.

Right now there are about 90 open corrections positions around the U.P. and many more are expected to open throughout Michigan over the next few years. This is due mainly to current corrections officers retiring at a quick rate.

Lt. Ken Love of the NMU Public Safety Institute said, “It’s a good career. The salary wages are good, the benefits are good, there’s job security. Right now you’re pretty much guaranteed to get into the location you want to get into.”

During the first six weeks, all students pay their academy fees, but there are opportunities to cut costs before graduation.

“During those six weeks you may be hired by the Michigan Department of Corrections,” Lt. Love said. “Once you’re hired by them, weeks seven and eight you’re actually a corrections employee. They’ll pay for your academy then.”

Students who pass the first six weeks and are hired will also have 50% of their tuition refunded.

The academy at NMU goes into session January 26th. To apply for the academy, go to www.michigan.gov/corrections.