Recent snowstorm could affect deer movements for hunters this weekend

MARQUETTE — The snowfall blanketing the Upper Peninsula could affect deer hunters this weekend.

The firearm deer season opens Saturday, and hunters could have difficulty reaching their camps.  Hunters should be prepared to find their camps under snow, including their bait piles.

“A lot of the bait is going to be covered over so I wouldn’t rely on a bait pile at this time for hunting success.  It’s more about scouting and looking for where the deer activity is happening,” DNR deputy public information officer Debbie Munson Badini said.  “Deer that were hanging out where you had planned to hunt might now be moving to their migration areas so that might mean that you’ll have to choose a different place to hunt this year.  Most people are aware of where those migration paths are, where the deer yards are-that might be where the deer are going to be heading right now rather than the places they normally would be found at this time in November.”

The snowy and cold weather also means deer w ill not be hiding during the day–the deer will be more active.

“They’re going to be moving during the day, trying to keep their body temperatures up, trying to find food, trying to find water,” Munson Badini said.  “If you look for a water source that’s not frozen over that’s always a good place to look for deer activity.  If you can find places where there are food sources above the snow line that’s a good place to check (for deer).”

If you are heading out to deer camp this weekend, Munson Badini urges hunters to have a plan of action in case you get stuck and to make sure people know where you are planning to hunt.