Marquette business sells one-of-a-kind safety training kits

MARQUETTE — Companies throughout the world are looking for new ways to train employees to stay safe on the job. Some of them are turning to a Marquette business for help.

The Safety Store now offer hands-on safety training kits for several different fields, including one that involves live power lines. The owner is the only person in the world offering these sorts of products at the moment. He can even create custom kits on request.

“We do sell them as far (away) as Qatar,” David Allie, owner of The Safety Store, said. “Alaska, Hawaii, all over the United States, universities. They’re for people that really want to do training and get the point across in class. It’s a lot better than PowerPoints.”

The training kits and the materials that are used to produce them are made in the U.P. Allie says he wants to do whatever he can to help provide jobs in the area.

“We’re constantly coming up with new ideas,” he said. “(It’s a) very limited market, but a market that has not been touched out there. Telling somebody sticks in their head for a few minutes, but actually seeing live electricity kind of hits home and sticks in the brain a little longer.”

The Safety Store is holding an open house at its new location on West Washington Street this Saturday from noon until 2:00. Anyone who wants to know more about the training kits can check them out and enjoy free pizza and refreshments.