State retirees learn about health insurance changes

MARQUETTE — Some changes to health care benefits for retired state employees have taken place within the last several weeks, and those former employees were able to understand what those changes mean.

A representative from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan recently spoke with members of the Lake Superior Chapter of the State Employee Retirees Association, or SERA, about changes to their health insurance.

Keeping the public informed about changes in co–pays, deductibles and cost shares is important so they can understand what type of insurance is right for them.

“If you’re going to see different healthcare providers they (may not be) aware of the changes, they could overcharge you—not intentionally—or undercharge you because they’re not aware of the benefits,” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan account manager Arva Overton said, “so if our members are educated on the healthcare benefits—and we provide them with a benefit book—and the benefit book provides all of their services that are covered, not covered. Then they’re in a position to have dialog with their doctor.”

Anyone who wants more information, or has any questions, regarding changes in benefits can call the customer service number on Blue Cross Blue Shield cards.