L’Anse celebrates new football field

The L’Anse High School football team now has a new field after seven years of hard work and dedication from the community.

Volunteer Field was dedicated on Monday.   The Purple Hornets practiced and played at nearby Meadowbrook Field for many years.  But after repeated flood damage, the school board decided it was time to invest in a field of their own.

Former head coach Jerry Bugni, who retired recently after 46 years of involvement with L’Anse football, said the team is grateful for the help they have received.

“I don’t know of another community where contractors would do what they did here, the in-kind services to match the grant fund,” Bugni said. “And that was after it was well on its way.  That didn’t count for anything until the grant was officially given, so I think people are very happy to have this and they could see things happening from here on in.”

Head coach Mark Leaf thanked all the volunteers and talked about how excited the players are, especially the seniors.

Brandon Kemppainen said he is happy about being able to play on the field for his final year in high school.

“I think it will allow more fans to be up here.  More fan support and it will be a better attraction for people because it’s a new football field,” he said. “Everybody loves football, right?”

The project included a new track, new press box, and a new scoreboard–which will be installed next week.

The Purple Hornets play their first game at Volunteer Field Thursday night against the Houghton Gremlins.