Masters class available for Marquette-area gardeners

Summer may be coming to an end, but some gardeners in the area are still practicing their craft. The Michigan State University Extension is offering a Master Gardener class.

It will be held in the Learning Resources Center of Northern Michigan University, once a week from August 28th through December 4th. Student’s will learn a variety of subjects, including lawn care, identification of plant diseases and pests, and house plant care.

In addition to the coursework, students must fulfill a 40 hour volunteer requirement to complete the class.

Past students have built therapeutic gardens for veterans and hospitals, community gardens, and even the gardens surrounding Peter White Public Library.

“All of them are very inspiring. And then this new class, hopefully those who want to get certified, will get other projects within the community,” said Rebecca Krans, an educator with the MSU Extension.

Students of all skill levels are welcome to join the class. They will get one on one instruction from Extension staff, with plenty of hands on activities.

The class costs $300, and that price includes a 1,000-page instructional manual. Registration is available online and closes on August 21st.