Sweepstakes scam circulating through the Copper Country

The Calumet Post of the Michigan State Police is warning residents about a sweepstakes scam targeting elderly residents.

Troopers say the scam involves the scammer sending an official-looking letter and a bank check to residents congratulating them on winning a large sum of money.  The check is for a fraction of the promised winnings and looks legitimate, but it a fraudulent check.

Instructions in the letter request the receiver contact a claims manager at a number provided and that the check be cashed to cover taxes, insurance, handling, and shipping fees.  Once the scam victim contacts the claims manager for processing, further instructions are given which may lead the scammer obtaining bank account numbers and other personal information.  Scammers will usually request money be sent to them to cover certain costs.

The scammers use legitimate addresses, though the phone numbers provided would route the caller elsewhere.

Troopers want to remind residents that scams are common and come in different forms. Never respond, or give out any personal or financial information to unknown solicitors.