Going off grid, is becoming more feasible and cost effective. Turning to renewable, wind or solar energy sources are gaining in popularity so we looked into going green in the U.P. Reducing your carbon footprint is becoming easier and easier. Companies are now serving individuals as well as businesses. Specialists can now come out to design a program that will meet individual’s needs.

“What we are seeing is a lean toward more off–grid systems. What they call a micro–grid, companies are now responsible for more of their energy so they take ownership of a portion of their energy. It’s great that we can buy it off the grid which has served the country well but now as we need to go to green power people are saying well, we need to take a little more ownership and value in what they can do, so they look at producing a part of their power themselves,” said Dave Kurtz, Werner Electric Territory Sales Manager.

Everything from camping lanterns to utility site solar systems are available. Along with saving you money, they assist in using the environment in a more fiscally responsible way.

“Here in the U.P. both solar and wind are very feasible products to use. Solar is probably more commonly used because wind is site specific, whereas solar can support anywhere the sun gets to. We all share the same earth and we all have an obligation to take care of it. Many people look at solar and wind from an economic standpoint and the economics are good for both. If you are guying power from the grid and it is generated by coal, nucleaur or other sources, you will continually have fuel cost increases which will eventually drive up the price. But I can tell my customers with a solar system your kilowatt hours price is this and it will be this for the next 40 years.

Green energy systems have tax breaks for both businesses and individuals. People like you and me can even receive government, and utility program benefits and discounts.

To schedule an energy efficiency evaluation you can contact Werner Electric at www.wernerelectric.com.