The Price is Right for Local Joe

If you watch the Price is Right, you’ll see a familiar face running down the aisle soon enough. Joe Thierry, a bartender at the Ore Dock in Marquette, made it on to the show, and competed all the way through to the Showcase Showdown.

But, he didn’t get to play just because of luck. Joe first had to go through an interview process, and beat out hundreds of other audience members for a shot at the big stage.

“Once you’re there you’ve got to wait in line and go through this whole interview process,” said Thierry. “They start out fifteen at a time and they came to me and I nailed it. They just asked me what I did. Carpenter by day, bartender by night, that kind of answer.”

“I’m from the UP,” said Thierry. “They asked me about the weather and walking to work in 50 below. I think spinning the wheel would probably be my favorite part. I got to thank people, like my family and friends and what not. The wheel is super heavy. The wheel is really heavy.

Thierry says the first spin didn’t get many revolutions, “but the second one, I think it went around like three times.”