A Marquette taco truck has been awarded the Best Taco in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula by MLive as part of its Michigan’s Best series.

Dia de Los Tacos was voted the best by the people and will now be visited by an MLive representative as it moves into the running for best in the state. The taco truck contributes its win to its loyal fan and customer base.

Mike Walker, Co-Owner of Dia de Los Tacos, said, “We’ve got an intensely rabid fan base. People have been really loyal; they stuck with us all through the winter, hanging out in the cold. I think that people just wanted to have something different and we tried to offer them what they wanted. Honestly, people have just been really, really supportive right from the first day so it’s been really great.”

Dia de Los Tacos will now go up against restaurants from areas like Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. Taking on cuisine from large metro areas might seem daunting but the guys at Dia de Los Tacos are excited at the prospect.

“No matter what it’s exciting,” Walker said. “Anything that’s going to get any attention to the U.P., to Marquette and of course to us is really flattering, really exciting. Some of those places that are on the list from Detroit are the reasons that I fell in love with tacos.”

The MLive judge will announce his itinerary regarding when he’ll visit each taco joint Thursday and Dia de Los Tacos is prepared to show the state just why tacos like The Carmen are so popular north of the bridge.