Baseball season is finally in full swing.

Not everyone is able to make it out to the field to cheer on their favorite team. Instead, most op to hit up a local bar and bowling alley, so they can watch the action and bring some luck to their favorite team.

“I’m super excited I am hoping I will be able to get downstate for a game, my whole family is from downstate, just outside of Detroit and they are all at the park today having a good time.  I am feeling kind of left out but I get to watch the game here,” said Beth Sommers, a fan of the Detroit Tigers.

“I’m pretty excited for Baltimore, I’m an Oriole fan.  They’ve had a pretty good team the last few years and they have added a few good players this year so I am excited for the season,” said Andy Goldsworthy.

Many Yoopers are excited about the season with six Tigers making their debut on the Opening Day roster, twice as many as last season. Five have less than a full season in the big leagues and nine Tigers have less than three years of Major League experience, compared with six last year.