Neighboring businesses combine to provide better fitness options

Two neighboring downtown Marquette businesses specializing in fitness officially became one today.

The new owner of Snap Fitness and Lake Superior Community Partnership representatives got together to cut the ribbon on the freshly merged fitness facility. The facility was previously split between Cycle Soleil and Snap Fitness, but they will now operate as one.

“I was managing both Snap Fitness locations, and I was given the opportunity to purchase one of the locations, and I chose to do so and merged it into one business,” owner and operator Theresa Coates said.

Snap Fitness hopes that the facility’s consolidation will help keep prices low and offer better amenities for customers. The facility offers 24 hour gym access in addition to cycling classes and personal training. One unique piece of equipment that sets Snap Fitness apart is the Vertimax.

“It is used for explosive movements, a vertical jump, strength training with very little wear and tear on joints,” Coates explained.

Snap Fitness will be celebrating the merger with an open house on Saturday featuring special deals and giveaways. The open house will also feature free frozen yogurt samples from Yoophoria.