Marquette taco truck competing for ‘best of’ honor

A Marquette-based mobile taco stand is in the running for the honor of the best taco truck in the world.

The website Mobile Cuisine is running a contest to find the food truck taco of the year. The contest is down to 15 finalists from the U.S. and Canada. Dia De Los Tacos is one of the nominees.

“We’ve been seen in Forbes magazine for great places to retire, and all sorts of people profile this place to come skiing or biking, and here’s just one more way to showcase Marquette and we’re proud of that,” Dia De Los Tacos co-owner Mike Walker said.

Dia De Los Tacos has been serving Mexican food to go for a little over a year now. Business has been consistently good even in the bitter cold that we’ve had throughout this winter.

“We’ve had people standing outside (in) 20 below wind chill to get a couple of tacos, and it makes us feel fantastic,” Walker said. “We were a little nervous heading into the season, but it’s been keeping us on our toes and we’ve been really enjoying ourselves.”

The contest voting is open until midnight Central time this Friday night, and Dia De Los Tacos is currently in third place. You can cast your vote here.