“The Comedy of Errors” at NMU

It’s all about laughs, chases and farce at its best. Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” opens tonight at the Black Box Theatre at Northern Michigan University.

“The Comedy of Errors” is one of Shakespeare’s earlier works. Everything goes awry when a set of twins who were separated at birth, along with their twin servants, all wind up in the same city.

Director Paul Truckey says, “It’s probably his most raucous comedy; I consider it a high farce.  It’s definitely all about laughs.”

“It’s just been a hoot working with all these characters certain characters that I thought would have never stolen the show, because everyone in this show is absolutely hilarious,” said NMU student actor James Porras.

The cast says the continuous mistaken identities lead audiences into a world of madness and mishaps where even the smallest of misunderstandings leads to a roller coaster of constant comic surprises.

“Any of the chase scenes.  Antipholus of Syracuse and Ephesus will start chasing their slaves and it is so funny, said Porras.”

“I think the chases I like the best. There is a lot of slap stick that goes on, hitting and stomping; those are very funny, said Truckey.

“Theater is so much fun to go and see live.  It’s better than watching a movie because it’s so much more intimate.  You get to really feel what these people are going through.  Some people will be afraid because it’s Shakespeare but it’s really easy Shakespeare, the language is really easy to understand and it’s just a blast, continues Porras.”

Performances begin at 7:30 tonight, with the final performance on Saturday, the 22nd.