Kohl’s scholarships for young volunteers

Normally, volunteer work is rewarded with a thank-you, but Kohl’s likes to reward volunteers a bit differently.

For 14 years the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program has been honoring students around the country with scholarships for higher education. The program is meant to encourage and create enthusiasm among young people toward volunteering.

“In each store, there’ll be two winners, so 1,160 $50 gift cards will be given out, two in each store, and then there are regional winners that would win a scholarship, and then ten national winners which would receive a $10,000 scholarship, plus there would be $1,000 donated to a charity in their name,” Marquette Kohl’s store manager Brett Coleman said.

And to clarify, that’s $10,000 to each of the national winners. Kids ages 6 to 18 who are still in school and have a demonstrated record of organizing and participating in volunteer events are eligible. Nominations must come from people over the age of 21.

A full list of the rules and a nomination form can be found on their website.