Winter weather & water pipes

Winter weather doesn’t only lead to heating issues. It can also lead to water issues in the form of frozen pipes or water main breaks.

The Marquette Department of Public Works says they’ve worked on seven water main breaks in the city so far this winter, which is typical for them. However, they’ve had about 40 reports of freezing pipes this season, which is more than usual.

“We’ve got some areas in town where water mains are more in streets, (and) some areas where they’re underneath snowbanks,” Marquette public works director Scott Cambensy said. “The ones underneath the snowbanks are a little more well insulated and protected.”

The DPW says that if you haven’t already checked that basements, crawlspaces and other areas with water pipes have a constant temperature of at least 40 degrees, it’s definitely worth checking now.

“A lot of people have areas that maybe they’re plowing a little bit more than they used to, and certainly if you can avoid plowing over the top of where your service comes in, that’s going to be an added safeguard,” Cambensy said.

The Marquette Department of Public Works has more tips that can help you keep your pipes working. They can be found online at