Snyder praises U.P. company in State of the State address

Governor Rick Snyder delivered the State of the State address in Lansing Thursday night.

He talked about the recent successes in Michigan and plans for the future.  He started the address highlighting how Michigan has comeback strong since the Great Recession.

Snyder said that Michigan has added over two hundred thousand private sector jobs and the population has increased in the past few years, and each year the state’s economy continues to improve.

“We are reinventing Michigan,” Snyder said.  “Michigan is the comeback state.  We’ve come farther and faster than almost any other state in the economic recovery since the beginning of the Great Recession.  And we should be proud of that.  Thank you for your hard work.”

While talking on the economy, Snyder gave a shout out to the Upper Peninsula and its work in creating entrepreneurs.

“There’s a SmarZone collaborative I want to recognize in the Upper Peninsula.  This is about how well people can partner,” he said.  “We have an instance where we have a SmartZone with Michigan Tech for a number of years.  They just held their tenth anniversary.  They work great with the Houghton/Hancock area, those communities.”

“But now, we have a situation where they’re partnering with Northern Michigan University in Marquette.  So we’re bringing communities together, and bringing synergy and power.  So I want to compliment those particular communities and those universities in the U.P. for their outstanding work.”

Snyder also touched on the state’s surplus of funds, improving education and the state’s roads, the agricultural industry, combating invasive species, and illegal immigration.