Cold & flu season in full swing

The recent frigid temperatures are easing up just a bit, but the cold and flu season is just beginning to gear up.

Doctors recommend anyone over the age of six months old be vaccinated. While getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent yourself from getting influenza, there are other precautions you should take.

“Locally here in our community, Marquette General Hospital, particularly the emergency department, has been seeing people with the influenza the last few weeks,”  Marquette General Hospital director of community health Dr. Kevin Piggott said. “Thirty cases just in our emergency department now, so we know there is far more in the community. Making sure you are getting adequate nutrition, why we say you want to get adequate sleep, why you should be doing regular exercise because it boosts the immune system,” Dr. Piggott said.

Along with getting a flu shot, health professionals say they can’t stress enough the importance of consistently washing your hands. They also recommend that you avoid touching your face throughout the day as much as possible.