Tips for safe driving around snowplows

Snowplows are typically on the roads bright and early, but as ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Sam Ali tells us, some drivers need to be cautious when driving so they don’t cause damage to their vehicle or to the plow.

If you drive down the road and see one of these in front of you, the Houghton County Road Commission wants you to remember a few things before you decide to do something that may hurt the snow plow driver or even yourself. Houghton County Road Commission Superintendent Ray Saatio says to always be careful when you come behind a snow plow.

“When you’re behind us, give us room,” he said. “Dim your lights. We don’t need to be driving with bright lights. And stay back. Our taillights get covered in snow, and you don’t know if we’re turning or if you can see them. We try to keep them clean, but when you go long stretches, they get covered with snow.”

Heavy equipment operator Keith Jenich Jr. added that there is one thing that many people do and are unaware of how dangerous it is. “We would ask that they not plow out onto the road or across the road because if we don’t notice that snow bank when we hit it, it will send us out of control and potentially damage the equipment,” he said.

Many property owners have received warnings about plowing into the street, which is a ticketable offense. For more information about snow plow safety, visit the Houghton County Road Commission website.