Marquette’s oldest pizza parlor

The oldest pizza parlor in Marquette has been pleasing customers for more than half a century.

Bimbo’s Pizza opened in 1958, and the late Clark Lambros bought the restaurant not long after that. In 1973, he renamed it Vango’s after his father, but it was still Bimbo’s when Michele Butler began working there as a senior in high school.

“It’s really hard for us to change the menu, because every time we try and take something off, everybody that comes into Vango’s orders it anyway,” Butler said. “We’re tried and true, and it’s that same old motto. If it’s not broken, why do we have to work to fix it?”

Butler is now the principal owner of Vango’s after serving as a co-owner with Lambros for more than 30 years. gave the restaurant a 2013 Certificate of Excellence, reflecting favorable reviews from diners.

“I think that what happens is that we get many people that come in from out of town, and people do make positive comments about the restaurant on TripAdvisor,” Butler said. “It’s a good way to keep up with how people really view Vango’s from all parts of the country.”

Vango’s waffle fries and the Greek pizza with fresh spinach and feta cheese are two of the longtime favorites on the menu that keep hungry customers coming back.