Marquette Salvation Army Christmas toys

Christmas is four weeks away, which means the shopping season is entering its peak. The Salvation Army is hoping shoppers can contribute toys to less fortunate kids and families.

The Salvation Army of Marquette is distributing toys a bit differently this year. They’re trying to make the process easier not only for their clients, but also for themselves. This is their third week of giving out toys.

“Folks can come in, register (on the) same day, (and) pick up their toys for Christmas,” Marquette Salvation Army corps officer Capt. Cappy Moore said. “They can also pick up groceries and clothing items at the same time. This is a big change from previous years.”

They used to ask families interested in receiving toys to register ahead of time and then return on the same day late in the holiday season to pick up their items.

“Those events are exciting and a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of logistics and a big concern because of the number of volunteers and the labor that’s needed to make them come off and be done well,” Capt. Moore said.

The Marquette Salvation Army began to distribute toys on Veterans Day, and they’ll continue to give them out through Friday, November 20th.