K-9 handlers visit NMU

Working in law enforcement involves hen you work in law enforcement a lot of special training is involved.

Students at Northern Michigan University thinking about a career in criminal justice got a special treat last week.

A former student and current police officer came back with his K-9 team to give the students a lesson in the realities of police work.

“If they are serious about being professionals in the criminal justice field that they need to maintain a good moral character, a good standing in the community,” Lansing Police Officer Norm Naimy said.  “They are creating their background now because when they go to apply for a job with the police department, a background check will be done.”

“With us K–9 handlers, we have to trust our dog in all situations.  We can be inside of a residence, warehouse, wherever and he goes straight ahead then turns a quick left, next thing you know he starts barking and you’re like, ‘I don’t think anyone would be hiding in there’, but once again it’s a bad guy and a bad guy can be hiding anywhere,” Lansing Police Officer Frank Frank Mobley said.

The demonstration was part of a three day program that featured lessons, lectures, and demonstrations.