Dianda unveils GOP Tax-O-Meter

With all the talk in the nation’s capitol about cutting the deficit, Democratic State Representative Scott Dianda wants to show citizens in the Copper Country how much they’re spending. Dianda held a press conference today in L’Anse alongside the Republican Tax-O-Meter, a device that shows in real time how much people are spending in taxes.

Dianda says the public needs to know. “We just want to make sure people are aware that over the last year and a half, we’ve paid out more than $2 billion in additional taxes,” he said. “And that money has came from taxing pensions, $600 child tax credit per family and seeing your heating credits.”

Dianda also said he’s most concerned with the elderly and how they’ll have to deal with the upcoming winter season. “It’s cold, and people are starting to use more heat, and I’m really concerned with my seniors up here with that tax credit,” he said. “That’s something they take a look at, and that money is going to make a difference come February and March when they are still paying for their heating bills.”

For more information on how the amount is calculated, Dianda says you can visit their website.