Michigan Child ID keeps kids safe

Every child deserves to be safe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes kids go missing. Michigan Masons are creating safety nets around the state, free of charge, to expedite local law enforcement’s location efforts.

The Michigan Child ID Program provides parents with a package containing all the vital information needed for authorities to identify and rescue their missing son or daughter.

“For all the kids in the county, this is just great, and for the families because they get to take all this information home. If anything should ever happen, they’ll have it right there with them,” noted Amy Poirier, the Marquette County Parent Liaison for Marquette/Alger Count Great Start Parent Coalition. “They won’t have to search the house and remember how tall their kids are or how much they weigh. They won’t have to look for a picture. It will all be right there, in one place.”

When families first come in, they fill out a questionnaire complete with the child’s name, address, medical conditions, and any other distinguishable characteristics like birthmarks. The next stop has kids step on the scale to measure their height and weight. Then, they go through a digital recording process.

First, each hand is fingerprinted from pinky to thumb. Then, they snap a quick picture before laying down an audio track for voice recognition. One final video recording of children answering basic questions completes the package that will be burned onto a disc for parent’s safekeeping.

“This information is strictly with the families. Nothing goes to the law enforcement. But, if there was ever an incident where you needed to get that information to law enforcement, you would have it right there,” Poirier added.

Masonic Lodge 101 in Marquette will be sponsoring another a Free Child ID program in March at their Kaleidoscope Fair. You can contact the Lodge to see if they can set up a Child ID program of your own – 906-225-1157.