Strategy Day for NMU College of Business

Northern Michigan University’s College of Business is trying to plan its future.

Faculty members, students, alumni and community leaders spent the day together as part of what the College of Business is calling Strategy Day.

The college lacks a building of its own, and many people raised that as a long-range concern. The interim dean says the best way to address the building issue is to add more students, faculty and programs.

“The real challenge right now is how to grow the major,” Dr. David Rayome said. “We have programs that we’re working on with the provost, and the president, and I think the next few years are going to be very exciting.”

NMU has offered an MBA program for several years now. Some faculty members say there aren’t enough resources available to them as they teach both graduate and undergrad classes.

“It’s not as difficult a challenge as it was, say, five years ago,” Rayome said. “And again, with the administration we have at the university now, things are improving almost on a daily basis.”

In 2008, NMU conducted a survey to see if there was local interest in starting an MBA program. There was, and the program started in 2010.