U.P. business aims to hire veterans

SGT’S Recycling, based in Escanaba, was founded in 2011, and has continued to stick to its mission of hiring veterans.  SGT’S Recycling President Jim Smith said he came up with the name SGT’S Recycling because ‘sergeant’ is an authority figure in the military.

Twenty-one veterans are employed at SGT’S recycling.

“Our main goal was to give vets jobs so when they come home they can work with people they went to war with or spent time with,” he said.

“We are committed to veteran advocacy and hiring, and we’re committed to the environment,” SGT’S Recycling CEO Steve Hawn said.  “We’re committed to the local community, the region, and the state of Michigan, and the Midwest as a whole.”

In August, SGT’S Recycling was given an award for their service of hiring unemployed veterans.

“Finding a veteran a job helps them keep a path of prosperity, as we all want to move forward,” Veterans Service Division Director Major General Robert W. Smith III said.  “(Employing veterans) also strengthens communities, brings families together when there’s employment.  People can make more decisions and pursue more dreams.  Getting jobs is a way to fuel their aspirations to continue what they want to do in life.”

Hawn sees Escanaba as a central location in the U.P. to run a business.  SGT’S Recycling is the biggest recycling center north of Gaylord and Green Bay, and is committed to growing their business in the Upper Peninsula.

“Our routes go from Manistique to Marquette over to Iron Mountain and Marinette (Wisconsin), so keeping it central is something we really have to do,” Hawn said.  “We envision having little satellite transfer stations dotted throughout the U.P.”

“There’s just a lot more going on, we’re in the talks with the DEQ about some exciting projects and I think we’re going to have a lot to offer.”

For more information on STG’S Recycling, you can visit their website.