Volunteers fixing up veteran’s home

Northern Michigan University’s Volunteer Center has been working hard for the past few weeks fixing up a Marquette veteran’s home.

The volunteer center received a $15,000 grant from Wells Fargo, and will use $7,500 of the grant towards a veteran’s project.

Volunteers are working on Robert and Loretta Peterson’s home.  They have repainted most of the house and installed a new electric garage door.

“They love it,” NMU Volunteer Center Volunteer Coordinator Seth Kratz said.  “Robert loves his electric door.  He loves going into his garage.  He’s always had a hard time getting in, and now he can press a button and he’s in, so he’s super pumped.”

“Loretta loves that we’re going to do some yard work for her, she’s going to be happy with what we put in.”

Additional organizations have come to the Peterson’s home to volunteer their time.

“We’ve had a great time, we’ve had a lot of fun doing it,” Kratz said.  “We’ve met a lot of people.  Wells Fargo has come out, and we’ve used the NMU constructors to put in a door.  They actually put in another garage door, a normal swing door for them as well.  It’s been great working with all of them.”

The NMU Volunteer Center’s next big event is Make a Difference Day on October 26.