Businessman helps U.P. residents invest

Most people are not thrilled about the government shutdown–and are concerned about the economic forecast–one Upper Michigan businessman is trying to make sure people in the Upper Peninsula are protected.

Mike Zinis has been in investment and retirement planning for thirty years.  He said people are never too old or too young to get started.  He works with everyone from college kids to CEO’s.

Zinis said he can contribute his success to one key ingredient.

“Being honest,” he said.  “I’ve talked to people and they discuss what they want to do and if I feel it’s not a good move I say, ‘I can’t help you, talk to someone else.’  Or I try and steer them in their best interest.  I don’t want them to get into anything that is gonna hurt them in the long run.”

“I’ve been talking with people about income annuities and having and having a portion of their retirement income guaranteed.  Not a maybe but an absolute.  And a lot of people seem to like that idea where they have a guarantee for a retirement income.”

Zinis added that a lot of his clients are U.P. baby boomers looking to retire.