Public input sought in healthcare plans

The public healthcare system can be confusing for many health organizations, companies and individuals, alike. Who to pay? When to pay? And how to pay? To assist in combating the problem, the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development hosted a “State Innovation Model” public outreach meeting.

The “State Innovation Model” or “SIM”, is a program that invites healthcare organizations, community leaders and residents to attend meetings where they can give their input on new healthcare plans; something health care officials say has been missing in the past.

“We understand that what we pay for healthcare is not efficient and effective as it could be. The costs continue to stay high. So, we know that the healthcare system is not sustainable,” explained Melanie Brim, a representative from the Michigan Department of Community Health. “We also we need to look at new ways for payment. We don’t always have the outcomes, clinical outcomes. Hopefully, the model we are presenting can help deliver improved health outcomes.”

Organizers have a plan for improved health care but they admit they can’t factor in everything so outside assistance and input is needed.

“We have an advisory committee who is helping us but we know we probably missed some things, so we are looking for the community to help us fill in the holes,” Brim added.

Michigan is behind the U.S. Average for chronic disease rates in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and adult obesity.