Important safety tips for driving a Moped

As the price of gas has increased in recent years, so has the use of Mopeds.

Safety experts found that Moped drivers are thirty-five times more likely to die in a Moped accident than in a car accident.

There are things car and Moped drivers can do to keep safe on the roads.  It is important to note that Mopeds cannot go over 30 miles per hour.

“You can drive on right of the roadway but if traffic starts to backup that you do get off the road and let traffic pass,” Michigan State Police Trooper Stacey Ransanen said.

Car drivers should be ware that Mopeds can easily get into their blind spot, so Moped drivers should stay to the far right side of the vehicle in front of them.

Although your Moped has a second seat, that does not necessarily mean Mopeds can have a second passenger.

“The other thing to note is that now manufacturers are making them designed for two people but again, legally, that person has to be able to touch the foot pegs,” Rasanen said.  “If that person cannot touch the foot pegs, they cannot ride.”

Officials also say Moped drivers should:

  • Keep headlights on at all times
  • Wear brightly–colored protective clothing, a helmet, and glasses
  • Wear protective boots and gloves
  • Use reflective tape on clothing, a helmet, and the Moped itself