Dancing with the Stars DVD released

Local celebrities were out in bunches Tuesday night for the Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style Reunion and DVD Launch Party.

The star-studded occasion gave fans a chance to mingle with the cast and talk about their experience in the competition. One hundred percent of the proceeds from each $10 online vote and box office stub went directly to the U.P. Hospice Foundation’s Make a Memory Program.

“We’ve engaged with each individual and family in the care of our hospice with a commitment to get to know them at a level where we can surprise them with something truly remarkable that’s uniquely tailored to their needs,” explained Jeff Nyquist, the Executive Director at U.P. Home Health & Hospice. “One example is a woman who was very close to her granddaughter. Her granddaughter got married in Florida. We figured out a way for her to continue to be the maid of honor through technology. We had a little celebration at her place of residence here in Marquette, but through Skype we were able to actually have her present on the beach, in Florida, for the wedding.”

U.P. Home and Hospice takes care of more than 200 families every year. Their goal is to make a special memory for each and every one of them, ranging from something as mundane as building a ramp to help them get their mobility back, to putting in an air conditioner to beat the summer heat.

“There’s no limit, besides our creativity and inspiration which are pretty much boundless. We plan on doing it all again next May. Pretty much the same time of year, same location. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve to possibly include more of the community; let more people be a part of the magic that night. But, we’re not going to mess to much with success,” Nyquist added.

The best way to contribute to the cause is by voting online, buying tickets to next year’s event, or purchasing the Dancing with the Stars DVD for $15 on their website uphomehealth.org.