Portage Health – LifePoint Hospital forum tonight

A community forum on the proposed joint venture between Portage Health and LifePoint Hospital will be held this evening.

The session will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Michigan Tech Lakeshore Center – Conference Room 123.

It was announced August 2, 2013 that for-profit LifePoint Hospitals agreed to form a joint venture with Portage Health, in which LifePoint will become an 80 percent owner. The contribution agreement, and other transaction documents may be viewed at michigan.gov/portage. Because the Attorney General protects charitable assets under Michigan law, Portage Health and LifePoint Hospitals have made the Attorney General’s review a condition of the transaction.

This community forum will: 1) Provide the public with an overview of the proposed transaction; 2) Outline the Attorney General’s review process; and most importantly, 3) Provide the public an opportunity to comment and ask questions. Representatives of Portage Health and LifePoint Hospitals will attend to listen and respond to public comments.

The agenda for the session is:

Overview of proposed sale
Overview of the Attorney General’s review process
Public comments / questions
Comments and response to questions
Final remarks

Additionally, anyone who wishes to speak will be required to complete a comment card and are encouraged to arrive early. It is anticipated that speakers will be provided up to three (3) minutes; this time allotment may be adjusted depending on the turnout.

Background on the proposed transaction is available on the Attorney General’s website at michigan.gov/portage. A transcript of this forum will be posted on the Attorney General’s website.