Top ranked boxer training in Marquette

Mikaela Mayer is a rising star in the world of boxing. The 23-year old boxer from Los Angeles, Calif. is training with former USOEC boxing coach Al Mitchell at the JAB Boxing Club in Marquette.

In July, Mayer fought in the National Golden Gloves Tournament. A week before her first fight, Mayer, who normally competes at 132 lbs., decided to compete at the 141 lb. weight class instead.

It was a good decision by Mayer because she went on to win her weight class at the tournament. She is currently the #1 ranked boxer in the world at 141 lbs.

Mayer is training in Marquette through Thursday, as she prepares for the National PAL Boxing Tournament in California. She will compete in the tournament at 132 lbs.

“I know the top girls in my weight class. I know the girls that I fight regularly,” said Mayer. “You don’t train for one specific person. As an amateur boxer, you fight different styles every time, so you have to focus on you,” added Mayer.

“She’s boxing good and her movement is excellent. Out of all the girl boxers, she’s probably the best mover,” said Mitchell. “Now I have to get her to throw combinations off the movement.”

Mayer and Mitchell have worked together since the beginning of 2010. Mikaela has won numerous tournaments with Mitchell in her corner.

“I really don’t think I’d be where I am if it wasn’t for him,” said Mayer. “He’s so technical and he’s such a strategist. We have a really strong connection now- he’s all I hear. I hear his voice and I can immediately do what he asks.”

“We are way ahead of the game,” said Mitchell when he was asked about Mikaela’s boxing future. “She’s not thinking about turning pro, she’s thinking just about the Olympic Games and the World Championships.”

The National PAL Boxing Tournament will be the final competition for Mayer in 2013.